Back when we rescued Ziggy in late 2012, I didn’t realize how much this little wiener pup would actually rescue me over the years. He & I had an immediate bond that was apparent to everyone, and even made my own kids jealous. Ziggy was at first very much a toddler. When we had visitors over, he would run to me and jump up my legs reaching like he was saying “up, up”. He was a lovebug from the start.
Over the years this little guy ran with me while I trained for two 1/2 marathons – he ran like a little jackrabbit up to 4 miles at times! And when I had a bad fall in late 2014, he became what I soon discovered my therapy dog as I recovered from a severe concussion over several weeks. He never left my side and would wake me when he knew it was time for me to get up and move around.
When we received the news of our upcoming move to Vietnam in 2015, I knew he had to go with us, and I couldn’t imagine him traveling in cargo half-way across the world. He became my Emotional Support Dog, not only to fly with me, but in every other possible way during our life-changing transition to life as expats.
Ziggy has given me and our family so much unconditional love over the years with all his snuggles, licks, fun-loving playtime, and easily accepting our beloved rescue dalmatian Duke into the family. He continued to live fearlessly after losing his vision almost two years ago – running around and playing, not caring what was in front of him. He’s traveled half-way around the world with us and back, and rallied more than once to beat his kidney disease that has finally beat him.
?? RIP my sweet little pup. There will never be another like you. Go lay in the sun, find Sammie and eat all the bacon. ????

A donation was made in Ziggy's memory and the memorial was created on May 16, 2021.

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