Xavier William Beachler

Five years ago I saw this 10-11 year old kitty up for adoption in town, all the other kitties were adopted out, even some as old as 6 years but it seemed despite being such a beautiful boy no one wanted this sweetheart. After talking with the adoption rescue I went to see him, the staff at the pet store beamed about how loving he was and it was clear he was a people cat. He was a surrender companion animal of a 90 year old man who could no longer care for him. I knew I couldn’t leave him that day and brought him home. We learned quickly one of the reasons why was the serious digestive issues this old man kitty had. We rolled with the punches and did our best. Through fights with our other cats, peeing on various things, being woke many nights for food and the worst foul smelling butt that could be used for biological warfare we loved and cared for this silly old cat. As the years went on he got more and more complicated, senility and other health concerns continued to progress but it was all worth it. He was a born lover, cuddle buddy, warm cozy spot finder and the finickiest eater ever but he really loved him some human food. Of the things that didn’t work his nose and ears were not among them. He could hear grocery and food bags from 50 yards and wake up from a deep slumber sniffing the air knowing there was a feast ahead. He was always wanting love and attention or in some cuddled up cute cozy or ridiculous happy position as if it was his superpower. We’ll miss this sweet lovey boy more than I can ever say, he was a wonderful part of our family.

A donation was made in Xavier William Beachler's memory and the memorial was created on July 8, 2022.

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