Toby spent the first 9 years of his life with another family. A loving young lady who took good care of him until she went away to college. At this point, Toby found himself in an abusive home. He was eventually surrendered to Pacific Pug Rescue (PPR) in Portland, OR where he again found a loving foster family to take care of him.

My wife and I were already familiar with PPR and the great work they do with Pugs. As a truck driver, I was away in Salt Lake City one night and decided to randomly get on the PPR website and just to look at the Pugs they had. As I scrolled through several different dogs and reading their profiles, I didn’t think I’d fall in love. But it did! When Toby’s picture came up, it was literally love at first sight and my heart knew this was our new family member.

I went home and saw that PPR was holding an adoption event. I found out Toby was going to be there and my wonderful wife and I made plans to be there. The first time Toby and I met, it was magical! I truly believe that he was just waiting for us to get there to meet. The instant bond felt strong from the first interaction we had.

Once we went through the adoption process, Toby came home to his forever home on Christmas Eve. Toby and I had many journies as we truck all over the west together. We had a rest area we would always stop at that had cows right at the fence line. He loved the cows and had such a calm demeanor about him that the cows would always come up to him and they would sniff one another like they both wanted to play. He was the ultimate trucking companion.

Once my business started to expand to all lower 48 states, I decided not to take him in the truck anymore because he was getting older plus the high outbreak of heartworm in the south at the time. Toby bounded even more with our family at home and our other Pug Tucker and Black Lab Ellie.

Move forward to Toby now being 15 years young, he blessed our family with so many memories, laughs and countless cuddles. He gave joy to not only us but so many other people from friends to strangers when we were out on our walks…even when he got tired and needed to ride in his doggie stroller. He was amazing!

Over the last year, his age started to catch up with him. He had a lasting back injury that was caused by his abuser, a small brain tumor, not sleeping at night and a few other minor medical conditions. We went and saw Dr. Cinda Scott at Springwater Veterinary Wellness Center over the course of the last several months for weekly acupuncture and checkups. I truly can not say enough about the care she and her staff provided Toby and even to us as a family! She is such an amazing person as well as an amazing Vet.

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, we think Toby may have had a stroke during a nap. The left side of his body just didn’t seem to work anymore. I made the hard decision that it was time and we got a hold of Dr. Cinda at almost 8 pm. She made a special trip into her clinic to meet my family. At 8:40, Toby passed peacefully in my arms surrounded by his all his loved ones.

Toby was my heart dog and it was one of the hardest things to go through. He will always be in our hearts as we will always giggle and laugh at the memories we have of him and his wonderfully goofy personality.

A donation was made in Toby's memory and the memorial was created on October 2, 2018.

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