Toby I love you. And no matter how many times I say it, think it and feel it- it is no less true. Beloved, the place you earned in my heart is eternal. My patient and wise friend. Beautiful always. Always beautiful. Devoted. Wiser than me. Forgive me for my imperfections- my only defense is that I never did not love you. Never.

I was your protector. Every day you were with me- it was my duty- my solemn oath to protect you from harm. In the last months of your life- nature wielded a cruel hand- illnesses I ultimately could not protect you from. But I chose to spare you the suffering I could not prevent.

And your soul- now emblazoned in light- wise and good- bringing joy to the heavens and all who reside there. And that joy is always with me- for the great fortune of having been with you for so many years. Too short- but still full- and forever.

I have not forgotten the fun- how talented you were, the way you leapt in the air at full stride to catch whatever I threw to you. Sensing where the ball was, before I even threw it. Snow angels and squirrels. Rolling down icy slippery hills. The way your steps were always in sync with mine- and how in end, I slowed, waiting for you- patient, calm friend- as you waited for me. The swims in the pond- all too few. The hikes in the deep woods- my oath to you- to let you be in nature. Your instant devotion- even when you just came into my life. The lessons you taught me. And the wish, that I was better and understood you better. But in the end- we were one- and your joyful smile and soulful, golden, gleaming gaze deeply embedded in my heart. Forever.

A donation was made in Toby's memory and the memorial was created on April 10, 2018.

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