No two dogs are quite the same, but Tiny was one in a million. When I rescued him off the streets, he was tired and hungry. No one knew where he belonged, so I did what anyone with a heart for animals would do: I took him into my care, and it was the best decision I have ever made.
Tiny was my companion for 14 years. He loved his long walks by my side, he adored playing with his many other friends, Lucy, Sally, Mickey and so many more.
He was strong, fast and fiercely protective of me.
One day, one of the neighbor hood kids decided to jump over the fence into my backyard. Before my son could even understand what was going on, Tiny, without a moments hesitation, practically FLEW through his doggy door and put the fear of God into that young man, barking his deepest bark, but never attacking.
He also was pure, unadulterated love – and he was so, so very smart! Even as he grew older, he understood my every mood, and his antics never failed to make me smile.
Tiny exhibited such patience when his Sister from another Mister, Lucy, was just a puppy, barely 3 months old.
He taught her what was okay to do around him and what was not. He would patiently lay in the grass as Lucy ran circles around him, and when she had finally tired out, they curled up together and slept the sunny afternoon away.
Then, Tiny became sick. In the end, even though he was barely able to walk, he kept going into the corner of the yard that is dedicated to my dear son Jason. He was put to sleep there, in his favorite place, and he went in the way he had lived all his life: Happy and Peaceful.
His memory will always be with me, and even as I still feel the pain of missing him, I am eternally grateful that he and I had so many happy years together. His ashes reside in an Urn in my home, together with my Mother’s and Son’s Urns.
As Angels get their wings, Tiny has gotten his. He has gotten his wings and turned into a Butterfly, full of joy and love as he was in life, and ever faithfully watching over his family.
Tiny will forever be a part of my family and he will forever be a part of me.

A donation was made in Tiny's memory and the memorial was created on August 10, 2021.

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