Tigger was our first cat upon moving to Oregon. We rescued him from Safehaven Humane Society after visiting a fee times.

He was a perfect angel for the first three days and then it was like he knew the trial period was over and he became a sweetest little monster. We spent the next few weeks having such fun with him and cleaning all of the windows as he had a URI. Tigger bonded with us very quickly since I wasn’t working yet and had all the time in the world for our little man. He loved to jump up into my arms, climb up to my shoulders and lay around my neck. He learned quickly that the best spot at night was between his Mommy & Daddy.

We quickly made the decision that he needed a partner in crime, so back to Safehaven we went and found the perfect little girl for him. Guinevere would be his Queen for the next 12 years. He loved and adored her and smothered her with love and kisses. They were inseparable, always napping together, loving on each other and playing with one another. We can’t remember Tigger without remembering Guine. Tigger loved to explore, but he never left the property, no matter where we lived. He did stretch it a bit one time when we were living in Coburg and another cat ventured onto the property. Tigger chased that kitty what seemed like forever, but he managed to find his way home so very proud that he had defended HIS kingdom.

Tigger lived to the ripe old age of 16 1/2 in spite of the setbacks life presented to him. There wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do for Tigger and OSU was a big part of the reason that lived as long as he did. He had such a dedicated team supporting him in Dr. Bracha, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Seguin as well as the techs and finally all of the folks at the front end like Keri, Josie who always managed to squeeze us in or get us checked out so quickly.

Tigger and Guinevere will be forever in our hearts.

Tigger Parkinson
10/31/1999 – 07/04/2016

A donation was made in Tigger's memory and the memorial was created on November 15, 2016.

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