Tigger Baby

Tigger was adopted in three visits to the Greenville SC dog and cat adoption shelter near my home in Greer South Caroline. She was my one and only lap dog. I would put her on my knees while i was on the computer and she fall to sleep. What a wonderful little dog she was for me because i was living alone with occasional visits from my daughters. Although my daughters were born in Denver, they moved to SC with there mother and step dad. I swore that I would stay in there lives and when I retired with enough money I followed them to the east coast to be in “my girls” lives. Tigger was called Baby in the shelter but I kept her name and added Tigger as in Tigger baby. The Tigger came from Tigger the tiger in A A Milne’s books of Winnie the Poo. Tigger was the perfect name because she would bounce around and run run run. Tigger was a terrier and chi mix. Yes she would bark a great deal. When she bolted from the house , she would run across the lawns in the neighborhood. It took a long time to catch her but it was worth running. I had to go get her in my P/U truck at times. She would eventually always come to me.
She was put down a few years after arriving in Oregon. She had a wounder Veterinarian with Dr. Debbie Teagarden here in Medford. I decided to live out my life in Oregon since I lived here before and the country is beautiful. My youngest daughter was studying for her Masters degree at OSU and I settled in Medford for health reasons.
I shall always remember Tigger baby as she was. But i like to say as she is because she IS always in my heart.

A donation was made in Tigger Baby's memory and the memorial was created on April 19, 2017.

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