As we moved into our house to be raised in Eagle Creek, Oregon, we realized that we were missing something. The thing that we were missing was an extra family member to keep us happy and active. Then we found Tig, and he came along at just the perfect time. I was only in first grade while my brother was in kindergarten. Tig was a small Border Terrier puppy who loved to run around with my brother and I when we played outside or chilled out in the house when it was cold and rainy. As our doggy relatives grew and grew, the other dogs running around the house stressed him out and he wasn’t as happy with all this new energy and life. Since our grandparents probably live 100 feet from us on the same property, he went under the care of my grandparents to keep them company while everybody was at school or work. He seemed to be a lot happier there, yet we still got to see him. You could tell that over the years that he aged fast. His hair got grayer, his energy levels and playfulness dropped, he started losing his sight and hearing, and started developing lumps across his little body. We really noticed when it was time to let him go when he stopped eating and drinking. He would mope around the house not knowing what was going on. Now I am 20 years old in my second year of college, and my brother is graduating high school. After so many years of having him around, it was really hard losing him. He was a huge part of our childhood and kept my mom happy when she was sad because my brother were too young to understand and help her. Tig was always there comforting us, and even comforting our cats when they gave birth at the same time (he loved cats)! Even though his breath stunk like roadkill and he pooped in the middle of the walk way (just for us to step on), we will always cherish how kindhearted and happy he was. We miss you Tig, and we hope that you are eating so many dog treats in doggy heaven! This was for the best, and we are glad that you are no longer suffering or hurting in any kind of way.

A donation was made in Tig's memory and the memorial was created on April 9, 2018.

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