Taj In Our Life

When I walked slowly by all the cages of cats at PetSmart in Boulder, Colorado, one little white furry arm reached out through the grid as if to say, “Stop here and consider me.” She was a beautiful black and white Tuxedo cat nine months old.

We had decided we wanted a second cat so that our two year old cat, Romi would have company and so that neither cat would be alone. My husband who had traveled a great deal in his youth, named her Taj because the white design on her forehead looked like the minarets of the Taj Mahal.

The two cats got along very well except for a few minor spats now and then. They would often groom each other and curl up together in a Yin Yang circle. They would always be aware of each other and “copy cat.” Romi taught Taj to pull open drawers and cupboards.

Both cats were strictly indoor cats although with harnesses and leashes we would get them out into the backyard several times a week depending on weather. Originally Taj was afraid to go outside, but it soon became her favorite thing and she would wait by the door. Both cats would respond immediately to our words, “Do you want to go outside and see birds?” And they would run to us and cooperatively let us fit them with their harnesses, leashes and extra line.

Taj was so expressive of her affection. She enjoyed being held and would cuddle up right on your chest. She also enjoyed being held like a baby with her little arms on your shoulder. Play times were a highlight with her and when she noticed we were paying attention she would walk over to a string or toy on the floor and then look back as if to say “i’m ready for some playtime now”.

She was very vigilant in looking out windows and would station herself as if she were a guard. If a neighborhood cat wandered into our yard she would, in a very low voice say something terrible in cat language, and all her fur would stick out. We thought of her as the “watch cat” like a watch dog.

It’s hard to lose a pet at any age but when you are elderly it’s especially crushing. Perhaps this is because one is so intimate each day with that little individual personality. And perhaps it is because death becomes more and more real.

A donation was made in Taj's memory and the memorial was created on December 27, 2016.

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