Our beloved Yorkshire Terrier “Squirt” was born June 20, 1999, the runt of Pepsi’s first litter of 6 puppies. She needed to be bottle fed since she was too small to compete with the other 5 puppies. They told us she was too little to survive. Always a scrapper and always fiesty, she continued to grow. She was joined by Gizmo and Lil’ Bit when Pepsi had her second litter in 2001. Pepsi, Squirt, Gizmo and Lil’ Bit loved playing together with each other. As Squirt and Gizmo were playing ball one day, the two of them collided, breaking Squirt’s fragile jaw. They had to wire her jaw shut and inserted a feeding tube in her neck which resembled an antenna. Squirt bounced back only to begin having seizures at the age of 5. Many years of medication followed and our little Squirt just kept on going. Squirt lost her mother, Pepsi in 2011 and her buddy, Lil’ Bit in December 2016 and missed having them both in her life. Always spoiled, she had her special spot at night on her own pillow between our heads. Squirt gave us 17 1/2 years of unconditional love and we miss her terribly. We are so thankful we could hold her close for as long as we did. RIP January 19, 2017

A donation was made in Squirt's memory and the memorial was created on February 1, 2017.

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