I adopted Sophia as “Bunny Ball Lector” in September of 2012 from the Humane Society- she was Sophia or Soph from the moment I saw her…I had lost my companion rabbit of 12 years a month prior + was inconsolable… she looked like a miniature version of him + I was smitten. She was nothing like my prior rabbit, she was cranky + fierce… very rabbit-like in her fickleness. I loved her just the same.

In late 2015 her legs went out + she could no longer get around without assistance. She needed help with her bathing, potty + eating…Our world changed dramatically overnight. I made a promise to her that I kept until the end. I promised to keep her safe, happy, loved + that I would listen to what she was translating to me about her needs/mood/will beyond my own thoughts.

We became incredibly bonded over the next chapter… She was so grateful + I was so humbled by her will, her trust + drive to live. I followed her lead.
I helped express her bladder + bathed her twice daily. Helped her walk with a scarf assisting her back end which led me to purchase a wheelchair. She loved her chair + regained freedom. Our next struggle was urine scald, skin protection/healing…I tried everything. She was incredibly raw… it was horrible to see her poor skin + not know how to help. Cloth diapers from my soft vintage tea towels were the best in the end! Silvadine cream helped as did coconut oil.
Again, she was so trusting, loving + thankful.

Ate like a lumberjack… Such joy in her! Such drive!!She was an inspiration to me. Caring for her gave me incredible purpose + seeing the immense care make a difference in her quality of life was worth every ounce of extra cost or stress or fear I had. She did well with medicam, lazer therapy + acupuncture… I switched to an in home Vet vs. taking her out of the house…We figured out our routine, it worked really well. She slept in a drawer with a small handle at the base of my bed, that would raddle when she wet herself + would make a fuss…I’d rise + clean her, once dry, we’d go back to bed. I bought a cold air blow dryer for her baths… I miss those. Her bliss during + after. She tucked in to me in a way I can’t describe other than infinite trust. She always looked so proud when we were finished + she was all clean ready for her greens/hay/treats.

Over the last 6 months she started having seizures + some odd breathing issues… She would scream at times during the seizures. Then had a horribly late nag one that left her with a head tilt. Thankfully she always bounced back + was looking for treats or kisses. We hit a strange dilemma during one of the numerous heat waves this summer where she just didn’t seem right… was shaking horribly. I have committed to protecting her, promising to keep her safe. Part of this + all we had gone through was to help her have a peaceful passing. I did just that yet I still am beside myself with grief over her… missing her so. She had a beautiful life + was incredibly loved. It’s never easy to know how or when to say goodbye when you have shared so much + given so much to each other. I hold her in my heart + will forever. Her partner Anouk has been rebonded with another bunny that I pray will adore her in her golden years. She seems open, we have found a little room that will never replace our love for sweet Sophia. We send Soph our forever love + light. We miss you + are so grateful for you. Rest my sweet…

A donation was made in Sophia's memory and the memorial was created on September 24, 2018.

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