Sopheea Mareea Izabella Harding

Sophee came to be my baby when she was 4 months old, she was a rescue and a birthday gift from my daughter and husband. Sophee was the first pet that truly ever completely owned me. I fell in love with her quickly and did my best to be a good Mom to her. I was her person and the love she gave was true and unconditional as is a dogs way. It was not limited to just me.Almost immediately she bonded with every member of our family and was her older fur brothers co-conspirator in chewing up the beautiful wooden crates that Dad built for their beds and a few benches and the odd shoe. As puppies do they outgrew the chewing stage and both were devoted to each other and us. Sophees Dad loved to gently push her nose and she quickly learned to push her nose into his hand for an extra belly rub or butt scratch. Our oldest granddaughter was their playmate as she was 3 when they joined our family. They ran circles in our yard and house and the joy they shared was immense. Sophee was part pitbull and black lab and I think moose. She was big clumsy and often tripped herself and us in her playful curious way. She was 3 when our grandson was born and as he grew she was his “best girl” and as with his older sister became his nanny/best friend and kept him out of trouble. Everyone that met her loved her right away. She was nothing but, pure love. She followed me room to room and would lay outside a door waiting for me. The immenseness of her passing has been hard. I am forever grateful to the staff at Dove Lewis for helping us to end her pain gently and with dignity. There truly is so much appreciation for the help these precious animals get from their veterinarians when sick and in pain mere words can never express how grateful we are for the special care our girl received.

A donation was made in Sopheea Mareea Izabella Harding's memory and the memorial was created on November 14, 2016.

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