Ms Snowball was a regal, proper, extremely smart Standard Poodle. Snowball was that dog for me that was my personality, my souldog,… she fit me to a tee…did things her way…when she needed me.. she came and got me.. She did everything I ever taught her or asked her. In Agility if I yelled the wrong command she would stop in her tracks and call me out on it! LOL she loved life so much, ball obsessed, toy obsessed. Wanted to play when she felt good. When she didn’t feel good and you tried to force it or move her, she would bite you LOL such a meany. I loved it.. it was her way or no way.
Yet she loved her family(myself, my husband, and daughter) so much she would never let them down, never let them know she was hurting or dying.. didn’t want to ruin their day. Kisses daily but when she wanted to. Hugs daily but when she was ready for it. She had extreme faith in what she couldn’t even see or know for sure. She had faith she would always be where we are. She was always with us.
Only dog I’ve ever seen break out of her hospital cage and come find me in the waiting room dragging her IV. Barking and stating “i’m better! lets go!” She had addison’s disease since she was 5 and lived to almost 12! She amazing doctors!
She knew god was in control and accepted his plan without a fight. She was in our pack and she knew her part and kept her up her end of everything. Never let them know you are hurting. Stay strong till the very end and she did. She also knew I would NEVER make the decision to let her go. So when God called her home, she said I’m ready, and god let her do it her way.
She was one of my office dogs and I miss her terribly.
Our family was forever blessed to have had Snowball in our lives. We will forever miss her and love her.

A donation was made in Snowball's memory and the memorial was created on March 16, 2017.

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