Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe came to us as a stray found by a neighbor of my brother and sister-in-law, James and Seaneen. We don’t know how old he was, only that he was young, had some chronic respiratory issues, but was very sweet and handsome. Before we saw him we declined the offer of re-homing him with us but once we met, we knew he had found his forever home becoming known as the “best kitty ever”, our “Jo-Jo”.
Smokey Joe was his people’s kitty. He was fiercely loyal and lovey with his favorite activity being sleeping on Brian/Dad’s lap… Brian being his favorite human in the whole world. Brian would come home from work and there would be Joe (often trying to climb up his leg) waiting for him. Brian could not sit without the kitty trying to plant himself on Brian’s lap though he was pretty equal opportunity when it came to laps and snugs. My favorite thing about him was his “hugs”, paws around your neck and head under your chin while he purred.
He was “the boss” and merely tolerated his bother, Blue when he came to live with us as a teenager. Smokey was not impressed but dealt with the situation (sometimes with a clawless swipe- the “fights” were pretty hilarious- Blue would always let him “win”). Later came the two kittens and he was not having any of it despite Harley’s attempts… he might have somewhat tolerated Remy. They would sometimes catch him sleeping and curl up but Smokey would put an end to it as soon as he realized what was going on. Still, he was a good brother and pal and would be the first to chase the laser with his siblings.
Smokey was literally the BEST which was not to say he couldn’t be a stinker (he loved to chase you and swipe at your ankles when he wanted to stir the pot). He was super soft/snuggly and friendly to all humans, not at all shy. He inserted himself into family life (like movie nights, dinner time, and nap time). He loved playing and thought he loved the outdoors (until he escaped to the outside and wanted back in). He will always be remembered for the special place he held in our family and hearts.

A donation was made in Smokey Joe's memory and the memorial was created on March 3, 2023.

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