I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share about Skooter in this Memorial. He brought me and anyone he met pure joy. I had many names for him but one that I particularly liked was Tiny Guy. He stayed between 12-15 pounds and if he exceeded 15, we cut back! His personality was big. He was handsome, cute, funny, fun, sweet, friendly, curious, sassy, athletic, playful, and sometimes a bit stubborn. Not right away, but a few years after he came to live with me, I discovered he loved retrieving sticks from the water. He would swim but also was happy to walk in and pick them out of the water. He would run back and forth along the water’s edge and bark if I wasn’t throwing his stick fast enough. He didn’t understand that the wake from a passing boat was something that needed to subside. He was a rescue and had been adopted (estimated then to be 5 years) by someone else who had him for 4 years. That person re-homed him with me in April 2015. Last October we discovered a suspicious tumor in his neck below his left ear. The staff and veterinarians we saw several times were always gracious and spent time helping me understand what we might expect. Even though he slowed down, the last 5 months seemed fairly normal and he never exhibited signs of discomfort. He was playing tug-o-war just a couple of days before he crossed the rainbow bridge with the help of our vet after having had two seizures one Monday morning in March. I was blessed to spend almost 8 years with him and will never forget all the fun and joy and love he freely gave to all.

A donation was made in Skooter's memory and the memorial was created on April 18, 2023.

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