Sir Bud Weiser

I have since April 2020 when Tequila Rose passed in my arms for this to happen. He was my pal, buddy and where ever I went, he went. I have missed those days with him. That all changed just about two weeks after Tequila passed. He had a seizure and has been in an Alzheimer’s state and getting worse as time went on ever since. I miss him chasing the ball or as I am walking to the door looking at him and saying “you ready to go?” His kisses used to be all the time but now his eyes are so blank and I get about one whenever he is ready to give me one. I would drive down the driveway and he would follow with his barking and run and meet me at the patio jumping up and down till I held him. Spoiled would be the best description.

Most nights he is up walking around running into everything no matter what we do to make it easier for him. Last night I wanted him to sleep with me and he cuddled up to my chest and slept all night with me till I went to work. It was so heartwarming and I am going to miss my little pal, friend and shadow.

When I would come home, shower and then set down to watch news or usually “Big Bang Theory,” he would lay between my legs and sleep. Needless to say, me too! Lol His favorite place was always next to me and that was special!!

He was so special and I will miss him terribly. When it was time, he laid his head on my shoulder as usual and all I wanted was to not let him pass now. I am so happy that he knew I was there and it was time. I will cry for a while but I know he is in a much better place and is at peace with his sister Tequila. I know when it is my time, it will be joyful to have them in my arms again. I love you Sir Bud more than you will every know

A donation was made in Sir Bud Weiser's memory and the memorial was created on August 23, 2020.

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