Sienna, my Vizsla, was not quite 10 years old when she left me. I called her “my excellent dog” because she was never any trouble, so smart to learn, and she loved everyone, especially kids and her Mom, that’s me! She loved to fetch tennis balls, so I would take her to the Deschutes County fairgrounds where she could run free and no worries of cars or cheat grass. She loved to jump at the spray from the huge sprinkler up there too! I miss everything about her: her cold nose touching my finger tips as she walked beside me, telling me she was there. When I’d lay on the couch, she’d run and get a toy and come lay with me, she loved just being with me. I miss her ringing the bells on the door to tell me she wants out, hitting the bags of treats under my rolling cart telling me it was time for one and she loved getting a bite of my toast every morning. Everything I did had Sienna wrapped up in it. I am so lost without her! Her best bud was Remi, my Rat Terrier, who kept her company when I had to leave.
They went every where together. Needless to say, Remi is depressed and sad too. I try to do the same things we did with our Sienna but the joy has pretty much left us. Sienna loved watching the deer come into our property beyond the fence in our back yard and she would always let me know when they were there. She had a way of talking to me to make me understand what was going on. Sienna, I will miss and love you forever and ever! My “excellent dog” left without me; I hope she waits for me; I really have to believe I will be with her again.

A donation was made in Sienna's memory and the memorial was created on May 17, 2017.

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