Shilo was a stray picked up by animal control when she was estimated to be 4 years old. She was adopted from the Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla, WA in the spring of 2010, joining a sister Squirt (age 1) and sister Penny (age 12ish).
Shy was with us for 11 years. She loved camping, the local dog park, and lots of snacks and butt scratches!
She loved sunny days and snow, but hated rain and the feel of wet grass under her paws. She would either walk through my muddy flower beds or go out into the street to avoid the grass.
Shilo LOVED to play catch. Not fetch, but catch. She would run to catch the ball, drop it and run back to me. Luckily her sister Squirt would pick up the ball and bring it back for the next toss. The only time she barked was when the ball wasn’t thrown fast enough and she got impatient!
Shilo had pups at one time before her adoption. Nothing is known about this, except one spring a young dog looking extremely similar to her was at the dog park, and the two were inseparable. Due to the young pup’s vague history, it is unknown if she was one of Shilo’s puppies. I like to think she was, and that Shilo got to spend an afternoon with her.
She is survived by her adoptive parents, her ‘sister’ of 11 years, Squirt, and sister Sadie who joined us 2 years ago (also rescues). She was preceded in death by her sister Penny, who passed in 2012.

A donation was made in Shilo's memory and the memorial was created on November 30, 2021.

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