One day he showed up as I was scrolling the internet…I wasn’t really looking to get another dog but there was his photo on my screen and for some reason I knew I had to meet him. I drove to the Oregon Humane Society to see him and although I still didn’t think I wanted a dog, I adopted him and took him home. It was so strange – like I was supposed to do it.
His name was Sammy – I decided to call him Shams (after the teacher of Rumi the poet) – little did I know what a teacher dear Shamsi would be for me.
He had some issues. Horrible reactivity, he barked – all the time. He turned my whole life upside down – he needed so much.
It was almost unbearable, but he was also so sweet, and vulnerable. And there was no way I would just take him back. I didn’t think anyone else would keep him.
We worked together to find ways for him to feel safe. And slowly but surely he settled in. It never got easy. But along with all the challenges he was so loveable.

For 11 years Shams and I lived together. He won the hearts of most of the people who got to know him. Including my partner Kelly who met Shams 6 years ago…he had no idea what he was getting into! But he loved Shamsi almost as much as I did.
Our little buddy proved he deserved all the chances we gave him.
He couldn’t walk a block without being freaked out when I first got him – but years later, he loved going on hikes. He loved snuggles on the couch. He looked to us for guidance and he felt safe. He still had a lot to say about everything. But he was a really good dog!

A donation was made in Shams's memory and the memorial was created on April 26, 2022.

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