My beloved baby boy Scooby was born on July 12, 2001 & went to Heaven on June 26, 2020- He was 18 years & 10 months old.
He was so very beautiful- a silver tabby, his eyes were green with a speck of brown. He was so soft and he LOVED brush time.
He had so many nicknames- Sugar Puss, Sugar Lump, Sugar Pop, Poppy, Suggie, Little runny boy with big mouth,, Nicklefritz, Nickles….
He came to me when I needed him the most. I needed help to heal from the loss of my kitty Scooter whom I had for almost 20 years. Scooby was named in honor of Scooter.
I prayed for a Momma’s boy and that’s exactly what I got- he was my Baby Boy & I was his Momma. We had such a strong wonderful connection. I told him I birthed him.
He was always right beside me or if I fell asleep on the couch he was right on top of me- his favorite spot was laying on my chest on my heart.
We had a date everyday at 3:00 pm- he knew what time it was and he was always ready on the couch waiting for me at 3. He would see me and meow and we spent very much one on one quality time on our dates, just us two. I would often sing to him and he loved it.
He loved being outside in the nice weather laying in the shade. His best outside spot when he was young was laying in the bird bath, as he aged it was laying on the lounge chair with a thick cushion.
To my sweet sweet Scooby
Always on my mind & forever in my heart
I will always love you & never forget you
I miss you so much Poppy
Love, Momma

A donation was made in Scooby's memory and the memorial was created on June 30, 2020.

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Messages From Friends and Family

We miss you so much Scooby. Love always and forever, Momma & Dad

~Memory shared by Laurie.