Sauvie was a blue eyed, long haired, torti-point cat, born of a litter by Zuzu her mom, a white shorthair, and Pushkin, her father, a long haired, blue eyed, flame point. Pushkin was the kitten of Tatu and a shorthaired, grey, tortoise-shell cat. Sauvie was born in my closet on March 12, 2006 along with 5 other litter mates, one being Nacho. She had snowshoe feet with hair that measured almost an inch long and was almost half and half in coloring. Her right side, dividing right down her face was the gray side. Both right feet were solid gray and on her left side was the white/yellow mix with two white left feet. She was more of a person than a cat. She loved to fetch and would bring the toy to you and patiently wait for you to see it. She greeted me at the door because she always knew the sound of my car pulling in. One of her favorite things was for me to go out in the yard and dig her up a clump of grass to bring in. She loved eating or as I called it grazing her grass. Sauvie could tell time. At 10:30 every night she would find me and sit looking up at me waiting for me to realize it was time for bed. In the mornings she would gently place her paw on my cheek until I woke up to her smiling big blue eyes. She knew when I was sick or not feeling well and always stayed right with me until I was better. She was my watch cat. When someone was outside that was unknown she would run to a window suddenly and alert me that ‘we’ didn’t know that person, but if it was someone we knew she would shyly come out and roll on the floor, ‘looking pretty’ for them when they came in. Another trait of hers was when she was very happy and relaxed she would lay flat out on her back and hold a toy in her front paws. I referred to this as ‘Sauvie cracking her clams’ like a little Otter. I could tell when she was bothered by something and would wad up a piece of paper, give it to her and she enjoyed nothing better than to grab it in her front paws while sitting on her back haunches and shred away piece by piece the paper. Right after destroying the paper she would fall asleep. She was a little lady, graceful, quiet, classy but always constant, reassuring. She glided into my life and peacefully and beautifully transcended out of it.

There is one pet that will come along in everyone’s lifetime that will be The One. All pets are lovable and sweet but there will be that one that will connect like no other will do. They actually think about you, miss you, need you and show that love every day. I realized that about Sauvie early on. She was a sentient being. Each moment I had with her held a lifetime of love. She became ill and it would have been so easy to hang on to her even though she was hurting. I couldn’t see living a life without her being a part of it, but there comes a time when you have to put your heart in cotton wool and do what needs be done for their sake, not yours. That day came on July 22, 2020. Not a day has gone by since that I haven’t missed her, cried for her, had a memory of her, wished her back a thousand times, but I know she isn’t in pain anymore and my pain will subside in time with the help of all of the wonderful memories I have with her.

A donation was made in SAUVIE's memory and the memorial was created on August 7, 2020.

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