Sadie came into my life as I was transitioning into adulthood. I had just graduated nursing school and signed my first lease to my own place. I went to the shelter looking for a dog, but Sadie cat chose me that day. Sadie was my constant companion through all the highs and lows— heartbreaks, moves, celebrations. I do not know my adult life without her and do not know how I could have gotten through it without her. I will miss her greeting me at the door, waking me up as soon as the sun is up, sitting on my lap all day as I work from home, stealing all my hair ties and scattering them around the house, begging for food, licking the bend of my arm for attention, her conversations [she meowed more than any cat I’ve ever met] and her sleeping on my head. I feel like everyone/everything has a reason they come into your life. Sadie’s time on earth has ended as I feel like I’m finally figuring this life thing out. Sadie fought hard against chronic pancreatitis and out of control diabetes for a couple years. I’ve known the day I would have to say goodbye to her was coming sooner than I’d like for sometime, but I don’t think you can ever really be ready to say goodbye. I will miss her everyday, but I know I will see her again and there will never be another like her! Rest In Peace, my sweet girl! Eat all the food, get all the pets! No more pain, no more needles. ???

A donation was made in Sadie's memory and the memorial was created on September 11, 2020.

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