On June 9, 2022 our dog Rylai passed away at home succumbing to cancer. She was diagnosed not a week after Gakdoogi living a month longer.

Rylai was our healthiest and sweetest dog, our best dog in many ways. She once fell off a steep cliff some 20+ feet because she chased a stick we threw down a ravine not stopping to get it until she was laying at the bottom. Two brave friends had to climb down the rock face to bring her back up. I remember the way her body barrel rolled down the rocks thudding along the way with our groups’ collective gasp.

She could have died then, but instead came back unscathed with the same worried eyes & goofy look on her face.

Rylai was adopted in Atlanta, GA and gave her the best life a dog could imagine. Rylai spent nearly all her life working as an assistant front end developer & team mascot. She loved water and snow getting plenty of both in the wilderness of Oregon. Her favorite thing to do was fetch a stick in ocean until she puked salt water to signal a good day of fetching.

Rylai had the softest black fur and nicest smell near her ears. She was also a germaphobe, meticulously dodging any poo or pee to select her spots to potty. She hated having her paws touched always afraid someone would attempt to clip her nails. The only time we were able to clip her nails was the first time she was dying (and we didn’t know). She loved leaning against friends for pets, usually sneaking in a small lick to their pants when they weren’t looking.

Aside from HC, Rylai’s best canine friend was Marley, and maybe Gakdoogi from their shared aversion to Boba. Rylai was showered with love and attention, and was generally the main reason we went anywhere in Oregon so she could have fun.

I will always remember the way her nose wiggled and recoiled from bad smells, the way her skin moved loosely under her cheeks and jaw, the howling urge to throw her stick, and how soft her ears were.

Rylai was euthanized at home around 1 PM, peacefully sleeping on her bed and in our arms.

A donation was made in Rylai's memory and the memorial was created on July 2, 2022.

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