Ruby was our Pembroke Welsh Corgi she came to us at the age of 2 and within weeks we knew she was special in many ways. First in all my 60 years of being owned by dogs I have never known one so able to stick herself to whatever she was laying on, she was amazing if she did not want to be picked up her body became unmovable sort of boneless. She loved to be held like a baby and if you didn’t she would crawl up on your lap put her paws on your chest and throw herself over to land in your arms. She loved to play in the creek by our home, race through the mud in the ditches dig up ground squirrels, shrews and moles and just be silly to make you laugh and she hated her picture taken. She was my husbands constant companion and always cheered him up when he was discouraged with his disability she made him smile and comforted him everyday of her sweet little life.
A few weeks after we brought her home we discovered she had pemphigus vulgaris a form of Lupus in dogs thanks to our vet we kept it under control and she lived for 4 years fairly normal other than daily meds. At the age of 6, I noticed her going out a lot to pee after watching her closely I noticed she was unable to pee and we discovered a blocked urethra and she had emergency surgery. She never did quite recover after that she had constant bladder infections and was on antibiotics for a very long time. We lost her to cancer on January 14,2016 our lives were changed forever from this little girl She is missed and will always be remembered with her silly smile and big brown eyes.

A donation was made in Ruby's memory and the memorial was created on February 27, 2017.

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