My little Ruby was probably one of the sweetest Doxies that I have ever met. I was lucky enough to be her Mom. Ruby was rare in the fact that she didn’t bark much. Her tail was always wagging when someone came to the house or for her to even meet someone on the street, she was always ready to give out as many kisses as she could get in. Ruby adored people! The only time she would really bark is if she couldn’t see their eyes, wheather a man with a hat or a dog that was very black in color. Other times she would make a noise was when she was watching dog tails on TV! She seemed to really pay attention to that show.
Ruby always wanted to get your full attention when she wanted loved on, one things she would do if you were watching TV or on the computer or phone was to stand on her hind legs and put her face right up against your cheek so you couldn’t see what you were doing. If you readjusted to see, she would also adjust so you couldn’t, her tail would be wagging away the whole time until you gave into her; you were always the one that reaped the benefits! ? Another of her adorable traits was opening her Christmas presents, she loved ripping and tearing them apart to see what fun thing was hiding inside. When she was done with her gifts, she had no problem making sure you did not have trouble opening your own, she was always there to assist.
I acquired Ruby as a puppy two weeks before I got a job out of town, she had to spend way to much time alone over her past nine years, which she didn’t deserve and just when I retired and had time to be there for her, she passed away only three weeks after my retirement. I was so looking forward to giving her that time back and trying to make some of it up to her. Ruby will forever be a part of me as she held me together through some pretty tough times.
Ruby has and will continue to be greatly missed, a very rare little girl she was. I loved her so much and only wish I could have another nine years with her. Rest
in peace my dear girl. ? Your loving Mom

A donation was made in Ruby's memory and the memorial was created on September 11, 2017.

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