If you were doing dishes, Riley was there licking the water off of the plates as you put them in the dishwasher.
If you took a shower, Riley was there waiting at the door to lick the water off of your legs.
If you were crying, Riley was there to lick your tears.
If you dropped food, Riley was there to help you clean up.
Riley loved his sister Bonner and then his brother Bentley.
He loved all of his family but nobody compared to his momma.
Riley loved the snow so much.
He loved helping you open presents on Christmas morning.
He loved treats and was spoiled rotten.
He loved stuffed animals and was always excited to get a new one.
Until recently, Riley would hump his blanket every single night. He had many “girlfriends” over the years.
Riley loved trying to escape and making us chase him down the street all the time.
He loved getting under the blanket and curling up next to your legs.
Riley usually hated being held or pet with your hand but he loved to be pet with your feet. He would come put his head right on your foot. On his last day, he let us hold and cuddle him though. I think he knew we needed that.

Riley was not just a dog to us. He was family. He helped us through hard times and he brought us so much joy. He was such a weirdo and totally obnoxious sometimes but we loved him so much. We don’t want to believe this is real but we know he is no longer in pain.

We love you Riley ❤️

A donation was made in Riley's memory and the memorial was created on March 7, 2021.

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