About 16 years ago we registered with the Bay Area Poodle Rescue to adopt a dog, but they didn’t have one that we preferred. One Spring day soon after, we received a call from them saying they had a toy poodle that needed a foster home ASAP. They came to check out our home, and after being approved, we decided to foster the little guy, named Reggie. He was only about one and a half years old at the time, and had some medical issues needing attention before we could adopt him out. It took about a month to prepare him for adoption, and in that time, we bonded with him, and he with us. We learned later that we failed “Fostering 101” which is adopting the first foster dog that comes into your home.

We fostered other dogs after adopting Reggie. His favorite games were playing tug-of-war with us and the other dogs, chasing squirrels, playing with his cat friends, and mostly getting treats and being petted. He learned several tricks and loved to dance, walk forward and backward on his back legs, roll over, and shake hands, especially when treats were offered. Reggie had a strong personality and was definitely a member of the family. He always let us know when he wanted feeding, cuddling on the couch, and his tummy scratched. Reggie was with us about 14 years when he passed, just after he was 15. We will miss him.

As his Mom and Dad, Reggie had his impact on us. When we adopted Reggie, Mom was experiencing some depression. He arrived at the right time to help her feel better. Dad wasn’t so sure about having a little 10-pound toy poodle, but after he eagerly started digging after a mole that was popping up in our yard, Dad learned Reggie wasn’t just another lap dog (the mole escaped fortunately).

A donation was made in Reggie's memory and the memorial was created on February 25, 2021.

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Messages From Friends and Family

Reggie was part of our pod. During these difficult times he never failed to make us smile with his antics and forceful personality. He is sorely missed.

~Memory shared by Paul and Linda.

Reggie was a lovely little dog … always up for a game or a cuddle. He and our toy fox terrier, Pixie—who has also passed away—did not so much play together as check out each other's toys and see who could get the most attention. RIP, Reggie. You are missed.

~Memory shared by Carole.