Razzle Belle

Razzle was brought into our family as a puppy on the night my husband proposed to me. She wore a ring around her neck with a cute red bow, and she was an instant star of our home. With 3 young children from my husbands previous marriage, Razzle stayed true to her corgi roots and would try to round up the kids for us in her early days. She was with us through our wedding, our move to Oregon City, the addition of two more children to our family, and all of the celebrations, holidays, vacations that our family experienced for the last several years. In true corgi fashion she had some quirks; some of which were the compulsive need to attack aluminum foil, tape, and any reflections on the ceiling or walls. She aggressively met anyone snout-to-face when they sneezed (coining the term ‘I’m OK Razzle’ instead of ‘bless you’ when we sneeze in our home), she unwrapped her own gifts and therefore always had her own birthday gifts, stocking, and easter basket. She also loved playing with balloons and keeping them up in the air, playing fetch with her favorite squeaky toys, and playing with the sprinkler in the yard with the kids during hot summer days. As a matter of fact, I don’t think she ever realized she wasn’t the same as the rest of the kids, she was always by their sides as they played. Many a time we would look down the hall where we would see all 5 kids playing with figurines, or bouncy balls, or reading books, and Razzle would be right there with them, ears and eyes perked up with a grin on her face; just another one of the kids. She was incredibly loyal to our family, the love she had for my husband and I is unmatched by any pet we’ve ever owned. Our home will truly never be the same, and the significant and positive impact she had on our lives, happiness, and home will be cherished and never forgotten. Razzle celebrated her 7th birthday this past December and the few short years we had with her were nowhere near enough. Of all of the things Razzle taught us, the most important was to cherish family and to love unconditionally. We love you Razzle Belle, you will forever be a part of our family, even if it’s just in our memories.

A donation was made in Razzle Belle's memory and the memorial was created on March 6, 2018.

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