I adopted Poppy in June 2016 from a shelter in my college town. She picked me, to be honest. She was a petite kitty, very dainty and particular. She was 8 years old when I adopted her, so she knew what she liked and what she did not like. Poppy and I quickly bonded.

At bed time, she would sleep on the pillow next to me. If it was cold, she would sleep under the covers. Some of her favorite toys were nerf-material balls and feathers. Poppy loved to watch the birds, and insisted her cat tree be placed near the window so she could keep an eye on the neighborhood. Purring was often. When it was cold out, or she just wanted to be more cozy, she would wriggle under the blankets on my bed to nap. Her favorite human snacks were any seafood, dairy-free yogurt and barbecue sauce (preferably the kind my dad makes). The best days were lazy days, when we sat on the couch and watched TV; She never left my side.

My parents – self-proclaimed “dog people” – instantly loved Poppy. While she warmed to my mom much quicker, Poppy and my dad become great pals. When he learned of her passing, he said, “I just want to scratch her til she sticks her tongue out. That was my favorite.” My parents now have a cat of their own, Lucy, who is living the good life now that my parents are empty-nesters. Poppy is the reason they are now “cat people.”

When I brought her home, she had a cough. I didn’t know that was an indicator of asthma. After treatment for asthma and other things, it was determined she had lung problems going back to when she was much younger. She had a lung carcinoma that we couldn’t fix. We enjoyed a peaceful few weeks full of treats and snuggles before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Thank you so much to the Colorado Cat Clinic for making this donation and all of your care for Poppy.

A donation was made in Poppy's memory and the memorial was created on January 1, 2019.

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