Pokey Alvin

Pokey Alvin was our sweet boy, our companion, and our friend. We had the privilege of being Pokey’s guardians and family for 16 years. We had a strong bond with Pokey and he was an integral part of our lives. He brought us joy every day and made our lives happy. When we were sad, he brought us comfort.

Pokey loved his life and his daily routines: waking us up in the morning by laying on our pillows and purring; sitting on the bathroom counter drinking water out of his glass while we took a shower; getting petted while he ate his kibbles; scratching his favorite scratching post; playing with cat toys; chewing on bag handles; getting brushed; lounging in one of his cat beds; sitting on top of his cat tower watching birds and squirrels outside; snuggling and purring; carrying his leopard pillow in his mouth; exploring the garage when he could sneak in; playing with his 2 cat sisters when he was younger and lounging with his 2 cat brothers when her was older; greeting us when we came home from work for lunch and at the end of the day; asking us for water in a glass or yogurt; watching TV with us at night and trying to eat our yogurt; going in and out of our room many times when the door was closed; having the frisky midnight crazies; and sleeping on the foot of our bed during the night. Pokey always wanted to be where we were, and loved his rituals with us.

Pokey was happy and affectionate, always giving head bumps, kneading his paws, and purring. He would roll on his side to ask for a tummy scratch. When we were sad, he would comfort us by licking our hands as if to say, “I love you; don’t be sad”. Even when he was not feeling well and we were worried about him, he saw us crying and came over and he licked our hands as if to say, “I love you, don’t cry; I’ll be okay”.

Pokey was a brave strong boy. He enjoyed his life and kept doing all the things he loved, even when he was not feeling well. We would never have been ready for him to go, but he was ready. Although we are heartbroken without him, we are thankful to have had the honor and pleasure of being Pokey’s family for so many years. The memories of our life with him will continue to bring us joy and comfort. We will always love him and he will forever be missed.

A donation was made in Pokey Alvin's memory and the memorial was created on March 12, 2018.

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