As a first-time pet owner, there is reluctance; feeding, grooming, cleaning, vet care, and all the other responsibilities that go with pet ownership. When Ping came to me, I had those feelings. But knowing his history, I was willing to take on the owner-role. Ping’s mom had rough beginnings; she was abused and fed illegal drugs by less-than-human beings. Ping was her second litter. I knew there was potential for future health issues; and there was. But through the support of friends and the life-long care of Milner Vet, he flourished.

My girl-friend at the time (now wife), immediately fell in love with Ping. I would like to think Ping was my “Babe-Magnet” that brought us together. Ping was the family icon. We centered many trips and outings to accommodate him; totally worth it. For a small dog, he could keep up with the larger breeds and made friends easily; both humans and dogs. Our boys would take Ping for walks, play in the park and run with him on the beach. There was no stopping Ping.

So many experiences to share. So many incredible memories. Yes, there are responsibilities in pet ownership, but the rewards and dividends are worth it. Ping played an essential role in making our family better. He drew us closer to each other and taught us and others how to love unconditionally. Our home is always open to his everlasting spirit. He was our little dog-angel from day 1. He is now pain-free; playing with other pets, eating what he wants to eat, and peeing wherever he chooses. We will miss him forever. Heaven has a special place for our pets; Ping is there…..forever.

A donation was made in Ping's memory and the memorial was created on July 15, 2021.

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