Pharaoh was a beautiful and kind spirit when I heard about him, he had been shown to all his championships and now basically forgotten. When I saw him I fell in love and we immediately bonded. He loved to run and was clocked at 35 mph, he was fast.. He loved to try to escape when ever our gate to our ranch was left open, so, we had to make sure it was always closed, he had a 6th sense when it was open and he took the opportunity to visit neighbors. His best friend was my little Norwich Terrier, Zoey, they loved to play and help feed horses with me. Pharaoh was always such a gentle soul, he never made much noise till my Norwiches wanted to be heard and then he would come out with these big barks and surprised us all. I decided I would train him obedience and then take him to shows, I figured since he had already been shown, it was be easy for him to go to the shows. So I worked on him for quite awhile and thought it was time to try it out, however, each time at the show that I would pass an exit door, he would dive for it to get out.. so we got all set up at the obedience ring and started my turn to show the training I would put into Pharaoh. He was doing so well, with heeling and coming etc., then came the sit and stay.. I started chuckling to myself, because this could be the down fall of it all.. and as soon as I turned my back to move away from him for the stay, he dashed out as fast as he can towards the exit door, but someone grabbed him and I looked at the judge and said, ” I guess this means I am disqualified” and she smiled and nodded her head.. it was still so much fun showing off this beautiful dog, from that day forward he was christen the ranch dog.. He never went after my cats, chickens, ducks and horses, he was an angel always.. He is missed, such a sweet dog.. I thank God for having come into my life with such joy?

A donation was made in Pharaoh's memory and the memorial was created on January 28, 2019.

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