Percy and I found each each other on a cool summer night in rural Oregon. I had spent the day hiking in the forest, and the night watching the Perseid meteor shower. While I was heading back to Portland just before 2am, what appeared to be a very tiny deer scurried in my headlights. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. Confused, I decided to turn around. I wondered — was that a dog? It took a few tries, but I was able to locate him. Two big, beady, frightened eyes on this tiny animal beamed up at me. He turn around and ran again, towards my friend, and then turned around back towards me. I bent down, inviting him to come to me. He leapt into my arms. I sat back in the car, astonished, because he’s the tiniest dog I’ve ever seen. He settled into my lap, and licked my left wrist. Immediately, I called him Percy, after the meteor shower.

I tried to figure out where he came from, but never got answers. His breath was foul, riddled with fleas and worms, overgrown nails, and malnourished. No microchip was found when I took him to see a vet the following day. I decided to take him in.

Shortly thereafter, I spent a small fortune I didn’t have getting his stinky teeth taken out, helping him to feel more comfortable. His gratitude showed each and every day for his second chance at life.

Percy and I had a wonderful two years and one day together. There were a lot of scary times, since he was diagnosed with heart failure one year after I had found him. I diligently gave him his medications each day for the following year. I carried a mortar and pestle with me everywhere to mix up his meds as needed. I loved caring for him. My vet clinic was always incredibly supportive, even though I know they are very busy, and they helped me anytime he was having a rough day.

Percy made people smile everywhere we went. He was truly special and improved the day of anyone we came across.

Percy helped me grow as a person. After I’ve had an incredibly tumultuous decade, he softened my heart and showed me unconditional love and care, free of judgement. I sat with him, knowing we wouldn’t have a long time together, and loved him endlessly anyway. These moments taught me to be present and appreciate the time we have with those we love, because this life isn’t permanent, and should be cherished.

Thank you, Percy. I will love you forever. ??

A donation was made in Percy's memory and the memorial was created on August 17, 2021.

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