Peanut came to us in the Fall of 2007 as a runaway puppy. At most, he was perhaps 4 months old, and frightfully lost on the highway running under racing cars. As we stopped cars in both directions, I was able to pick him up. Once he was in my arms, he snuggled in never to leave. He grew up living in my sweatshirt until he was too big to fit, which is why he clearly became a lap puppy with the need to be held. He came to mommy for lovins and to daddy for business walks or telling us something was wrong. We’ve heard said that some dogs think they are human, well, we knew he was and so did he. He was our little boy and my companion. He was always by my side.
Peanut was loved by all in the neighborhood, except for the Rottweiler that was afraid of him! We have a daycare across the street and as they took their daily walks, Peanut was there to answer their calls. He would hear them coming and run to the door. As they lined up on the sidewalk he would gently nudge and say hello to each one of them. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and admired Peanut, and he especially loved the little girl doggies… and there were lots of them! His favorite little friend was Tiki. They lived only 3 houses apart and would bark to see if the other was out. If they were, they could be seen running down the sidewalk to greet each other with a hug. They literally would stand on hind legs hugging each other.

He and daddy were the tough guys. They would walk the neighborhood guarding it from attacking squirrels and birds and greeting everyone they met. Then before returning home, he would stop to see his favorite neighbor, Uncle Tim who would always give him treats.

Aside from taking daddy for walks, his favorite activity was singing. He could often be found sitting on the piano bench asking me to play songs for him to sing. Whether to the piano or to Kenny G he would sing his heart out; both in tune and in rhythm. Christmas was his favorite time of year and he loved singing Frosty and Rudolph.

He was always in the same room as us and when not in our laps, he was on his pillow with his blankie. These still lay in his favorite corner of the sofa. He is extremely missed. For his gentle loving kindness and friendship to all, Peanut has definitely earned his wings in Heaven. He is truly our Littlest Angel and has taken a part of our hearts with him. We’ll love you forever, Baby P!

A donation was made in Peanut's memory and the memorial was created on February 8, 2021.

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