Peanut (Ka’eo) Scrib Tooke was born on May 5, 2017 in Hawaii. He lived there with his family til January, 2018 when they went on a big airplane to Portland, OR. Peanut enjoyed his short lived life play fighting with his brother, Pua who was also born in Hawaii. Both of them being chihuahua’s they ruled the apartment village, barking in unison at every kid that would run by their balcony, screaming and kicking balls. They were the bosses and no one better try to mess with their family. Peanut had a soft side, he loved his human mama very much. He never left her side. He played little potato in his very favorite pastime of watching TV with mama and made sure to lick every bowl and plate that he could, it was a race to see who could finish first, him or his brother. He loved his human sisters too but most of all, his mama. His favorite food was rice, little bits of chicken or ground hamburger, cheese, chips and ice-cream. He was really good at telling his family that someone was at the door. He also loved when Grandma or Mari would visit, the treats they were carrying were always so special.

Peanut, you will ALWAYS be in our hearts and we will ALWAYS love you forever! we will see your face on our pajama pants, hanging on our walls and the rear view mirror hanger in the van and when mama opens her phone. Your ashes will always be within reach as well because we are family for life and family stays together. I love you so much baby, your mama forever

A donation was made in Peanut's memory and the memorial was created on March 15, 2023.

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Messages From Friends and Family

I remember when I first met peanut, he was really shy, something I learned about him is that he never liked new people.. Or at least took him a while to warm up to them. I remember he would shake and hide under his mama's desk or under the bed. But once I started to come over more recently and showed him no threat he started to not shake as much and let me get close to him.. After about 3 months he got used to me and let me stay close to him, it got to the point he even let me pet him, it even got to the point to where he would beg me to rub his tummy, and that's when our bond really started to get better. he would bark everytime I came over doesn't matter for how long he had known me, we figured the only way for him to not bark for 5 minutes was for me to give him treats, and by treats I mean his own food. It became the only way he would stay quiet.. He also loved that I handfed him, everytime I came over if I just stood there or sat down or just didn't do anything at all, he'd sit there look at me in the eye and whine loudly and run to his food bowl till I followed him and fed him for 10 minutes, and when I tried to stop he would whine and bark at me until I fed him again. still remember when I taught him and his brother Pua how to sit and "jump" which was them standing in their two back paws and doing little hops until I told them to sit and gave them treats. Peanut was a great doggi and he will be always in our hearts forever. We will Miss you peanut but our love for you will never die ❤️

~Memory shared by Mari.