Panda was the best dog on the planet. Also the original Poohead (she was very stubborn). Nicknamed: Buffalo and Whinerimer.
I love that dog more than any dog ever. Best dog on the planet. Cancer took her too soon. I blame the Willamette river that I took her to almost weekly when she was a young dog.

I knew there was something wrong. She dropped 30 pounds very quickly and the filtrum part of her nose started deteriorating – eaten away by something. I took her to the vet (two different vets because my first vet was just happy she wasn’t overweight any longer). No one considered cancer. It was in December 2016 when she started limping. I thought she might have hurt herself. Took her to the vet who gave me a lot of meds. Then she started hacking and hacked up a congealed hunk of blood. The vet gave her doxycycline and steroids. She got better. But I had to stop giving her the medication for her joints. So she started limping again in January – January 12th, 2017. I started her on the meds again. She didn’t move around much (couch potato dog), when she did she seem stiff. The limping was getting a little worse every day – but nothing alarming. I made another vet appointment for the 20th. On Wednesday 1/18/17, she could barely walk. She was dragging her left rear leg. I was afraid she broke something on the ice. She was miserable. I noticed the left side of her face was drooping. Took her into emergency VCA hospital on 82nd (AMAZING people!) The vet told me she thought it was brain cancer. And it was. And it was bad.

Worst day of my life. I’m crying now writing this. I miss her so much.

A donation was made in Panda's memory and the memorial was created on February 10, 2017.

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