Mr. Fluffy

Goodbye Dear Mr. Fluffy

I’m not sure how many of you were acquainted with my male angora Mr. Fluffy, but wanting to let everyone who knew him know about his crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.
Words cannot describe how much he will be missed!
I acquired him 5 and a half years ago via a “Craig’s List” ad seen by Rabbit Advocate who encouraged me to take him.
He struggled with seizures ( which we kept controlled with Chinese herbs) his whole life as well as back problems and, in this last year, respiratory issues.
Mr. Fluffy was a cross between a docile stuffed toy of a bunny who LOVED to be held like a baby and a grumpy little old man who hated the other bunnies and would attack if I smelled too much like another bunny.
We were deeply attached to each other and he would purr for me if I came into his area, talked to him, picked him up or tidied his area.
Little Bunny Foo Foo had tried a number of times to break into Mr. Fluffy’s area ( right half of the kitchen and laundry room) and make friends with him, but Mr. Fluffy would have NONE of it until the night before he passed.
Bunny Foo Foo jumped up onto the couch next to me where I was holding Mr. Fluffy and then up onto me in order to groom Mr. Fluffy and lick the tips of his ears.
Everyone is a friend to Foo Foo, and I think he just wanted to say good-bye.


A donation was made in Mr. Fluffy's memory and the memorial was created on April 10, 2017.

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