Last month we lost our little love, Moesha, to father time. Moey was about two when she came to us from a rescue. We were looking for a Chihuahua because we had just lost one and the owner of the rescue insisted that we see “Shadow”. That furry little ball was so quiet after being at a rescue for about a year! It was a joy to watch her become comfortable and let her personality shine!

After 14+ years with us it was heartbreaking to send our Little Moey to doggy heaven and we are still at a loss for how to fill the void her little soul left in our lives. Weighing in at about 8 lbs, Moey was not what you would think of as intimidating, but she was the boss of our house and everyone from her doggy brothers and sisters to Jenna and I knew it. I was super fortunate to spend the last two years at home with our little girl as Covid kept me working from home and in that time I was able to see how she ruled the roost, including ordering me around whenever she wanted something. Sometimes it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I became quite the good manservant to our little girl. Jenna travels a lot for work and Moey enjoyed being Jenna’s best travel buddy on multiple occasions, seeing many parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately time (as it will with all of us) caught up with her and after her trachea began collapsing at a rate that we, and medicine could not keep up with, had to have her euthanized. We’d like to thank the staff at Woodburn Pet Hospital for all their loving care for not only Moesha, but all of the other pets we have (and have had) while living here. In total they have helped us with six dogs in the past 17 years (3 currently) and they have been professional, compassionate and a great vet team to work with.

A donation was made in Moesha's memory and the memorial was created on April 4, 2022.

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