We adopted our sweet Mittens at seven and a half from neighbors behind us. He got his name from the extra toes on his front feet that truly made his white paws look like Mittens. Our sweet Mitt came to us with the worst food allergies we have ever seen. Though his allergies caused him much discomfort and health problems he was the sweetest boy. So patient and gentle. All he wanted was to be loved. He would literally hug your neck when you picked him up putting a paw over each shoulder and then snuggling in close to you. He also like to snuggle for a short time under the covers with you. When he wanted to be picked up if you didn’t do it he would yawn at you, a BIG open mouth yawn. He often used that yawn to communicate. Our Mitty loved the sun. We called him our sun worshiper because he would go out every morning and sit in the sun for hours. He would just bask in the glory of those rays falling on him. He loved to go visit any neighbors that would give him love and let him enjoy their sunshine. He and our little neighbor boy became good friends. Mitt got along with both dogs and cats, if they were willing. He was an amazing hunter and would bring mice into the house that he had caught and let them go so our other cats could catch them, not that our other cats weren’t good hunters. It just seemed as though Mittens liked to just sit and watch the action. On September 22, 2020 our beloved sweet boy took a turn that he was not able to recover from and somewhere around 4:30 pm we had to let him go to sleep. We and our Tommi Girl miss him so much. But we are so grateful for the good care that Dr. Barry gave him through his life and the extra time that we had with him. He was a great blessing to our lives and to the neighborhood where we live. Enjoy sweet rest and peace dear Mittens. You’ll always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for choosing and loving us.
Tray, Susan, and Tommi

A donation was made in Mittens's memory and the memorial was created on November 13, 2020.

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