Mistr Marvin

Mistr Marvin was born in 2005. He was a very quiet puppy at first, kind of shy (we also adopted his sister, eventually she brought him out of his shell, she was more rambunctious and smaller). Marvin Loved Adventures, (where his “sister” preferred the comforts of home in the ac or warmth on a sofa) Marvin wanted to see the world. We are blessed in Ohio with so many Parks nearby and Trails, but Marvin preferred to go “off trail” and follow his nose, and those were the best Adventures! At the tender age of 3, he grew a tumor on his paw and was unable to walk. We went to a few vets, one wanted to remove his leg, we weren’t ready for that, we found a Vet that was willing to do the tedious surgery of saving his toes and paw, although it did render his paw numb, and he had to wear a special boot, to learn to walk again, i.e. with a new sense of balance. Meanwhile, Marvin managed to get himself in trouble, lol…sprayed by a skunk 4 times, a fight with a raccoon, ate a poison burr, caught the doggy flu, ripped out a toenail, and got salt poisoning one winter, allergies, and xylitol poisoning. Marvin was born with a grey cloud over his head, poor boy…with a medical file as thick as a phone book. At age 8, he began to grow a huge tumor. It went into his chest, grew around his aorta and his windpipe, strangling him. We went and got several opinions, some said there was no hope, gave him 3 months. Before we found it was a very rare tumor. Not like the one in his paw. It was an expensive and lengthy surgery. He had so many stitches! But they could not get it all. Marvin always seemed to recover quickly from his operations, and back on the trail again. In a year the tumor began to regrow, time for another surgery. At age 9. Happy we thought we were Done with all that… Marvin was chasing a squirrel and broke his ACL and his knee…the damage was so extensive and now being 10 and his cancer history, the vet decided surgery was not going to be successful, just go palliative care. We tried the brace but because he could not feel his front paw, balancing with a brace was impossible, so we bought him a buggy. He could ride down the trail and get out for a short exercise and back in to rest his leg. The vet gave him a year or so, before his good leg would fail. At age 11 more tumors, this time at his rectum and he could not have a bowel movement..so it had to come out. Poor boy, more stitches! He recovered quickly, we switched to a wagon, because his sister was also becoming crippled, and they both could fit in it and ride at the Parks. He then started a FB page, telling friends of his Adventures and Journey through Life, and how to overcome Obstacles and keep Enjoying Life. Then Poor Marvin though came down with a body wide bacterial blood infection and nearly died. Months of treatment, he finally pulled through. Back to more Adventures, then his Sister, got bladder cancer, and passed when they turned 12 (they were the same age). It was very difficult for Marvin to want to “go on” without his sister he knew all his life. Searching every night for her, in a panic, he felt it was his responsibility to protect her, and something had happened to her! It was so hard to watch him go through that… we had to remove everything that had her scent and wash down everything. Finally after 4 months he began to calm down, but I could tell, age 13 ..doggy dementia was setting in and his eyesight was beginning to fail. We tried to keep him busy with his visits to the Park, however they were becoming shorter now, due to his arthritis and good leg getting weaker. Then he got Skin Cancer… huge bloody sores… unable to hold his bladder very well, we had potty pads all around the room he knew he was allowed to pee in and ramps for his fav chair and sofa covered in foam. He slept 18 hours a day, was taking many medications, Appetite stimulant, Liver, Kidney, Stomach, Pain, Skin, Eye drops and more, but we Still tried to go out once every 3rd day, as it took him 2 days to rest, at age 14… he was almost completely blind, but still could get around but occasionally bumped into things, we left lights on in every room all night. Motion lights outside and had special handicapped steps built for him, for outside. He fell down his ramp steps…one day and landed in the flower bed, I should of known that was a sign, his good leg was giving out, he way surpassed the time the vet gave him, by 2 years walking, ( well limping, we nicknamed him the Pirate) his limp never held him back…but then bowel potty issues returned, exam shown he had new cancer lumps growing around his rectum, and his appetite halted. Through all this, Mistr Marvin never cried, or whimpered, he endured all his pain like a champ and so looked forward to car rides and Park wagon Adventures. Well when he started moaning, and shaking, and he started collapsing every time he stood up. We had been prepared for some time, for the day, with his cancer history and Leg issues, but it is always a heart breaking decision. But Mistr Marvin has been a trooper all his life, facing adversity with courage and the determination to enjoy life, overcoming his handicaps and the grief of losing his sister, and brought us so much Joy and Love, I could not ask him to go on, he made it clear with those eyes, he was tired and worn out from his battles and it was time to join his sister at Rainbow Bridge. July 2019. At 14 1/2. He was a big cocker… most folks thought he was a springer. And for a large – tall dog and all that he had been through, I think he lived way beyond anyone’s expectations. And it was his Heart and his Lust for Life and Exploring the World, that kept him motivated. He made so many Friends on Facebook with his stories, they all have been so kind. And we graciously Appreciate his friend, for making this memorial possible in his name! If there was ever a Message to Mistr Marvin’s Life, that would be , -Don’t let Anything hold you back, You can still find a Way to get around the Obstacles Life throws at you, Life is a Journey … so why not make it an Adventure!-

A donation was made in Mistr Marvin's memory and the memorial was created on July 19, 2019.

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