I can’t thank you enough for this very special memorial to our Mickey.
Mickey was a stray in our neighborhood many years ago. A skittish guy, it took me a week to catch him. Once we brought him home he managed to escape our yard again, only to be brought back with my husbands keen thinking of throwing hot dogs to him to get him to return. Once settled in our home, he became a perfect partner to our aging Shar Pei, Molly. He came with some impressive fetch skills. At 25 lbs. he could out run every big dog at the dog park if it meant catching his ball. He was gracious and kind to any dog or human that crossed his path. If you came to our home, Mick would bring you his ball and expect that you understood that he wanted to play fetch. He later went on to led a pack of 3 more female pups, a Shar Pei, named Morgan, a German Sheperd Chihuahua, named Rocki and am American Staffy named Scarlett and four cats, Thunder, Lightning, Sage and Storm. They loved him and respected him. Mick had nicknames like Mick meat, he loved meat. Mickoluski, Mickolous, little man Mick, and the list goes on.
Mick marched to the best of his own drum. He was an amazing gift to our family, fur and otherwise. He is survived by his current pack, Morgan, Rocki and Scarlett and heart broken mom and dad, Gayle and Frosty. He loved unconditionally and we miss him every day. He was one of a kind. We know he his playing fetch over the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again Mick…

A donation was made in Mickey's memory and the memorial was created on August 1, 2022.

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