We met Maude at the Oregon Humane Society about 7-8 years ago. She was already 7 years old, had early signs of kidney failure, but was still full of life and we hope would be with us for some time—and she was for almost 8 years.

She was the most unusual cat I have ever met due to her taking her roll as an “indoor cat” only so very seriously. Her previous family had said she was truly unique in that she has no desire to go outside the house. Much to our amazement, this was more true than one could imagine; she would simply stand at the breach of an open door, look out and enjoy, but never step through the threshold. She would even get upset if you give her a little accidental nudge toward a door to the outside of the house. (“Seriously, why would I want to go out there in the rain, dirt and chaos?”)

All she ever wanted was a lap to sleep on or a peaceful spot stretched out in the sunshine. On a good day, she could simply roll over and over throughout the day while keeping in the dead center of the sunny spot on the bed or floor. Maybe an occasional hummingbird to “chirp” at through the window, or a little plant to chew on was all she ever needed. She became the perfect companion for my mother who had to move into our household as she started developing early onset Alzheimer’s. They were the perfect pair—sunbathing and napping was their common bliss.

She will be missed, but always in our hearts and minds!

A donation was made in Maude's memory and the memorial was created on May 25, 2017.

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