Marky Mark

Marky Mark chose us, and we are very thankful he did.
I was out one day doing my chores and I got the feeling that somebody, or something, was watching me. I looked and there I saw a cat sitting on the tractor seat just looking at me. I didn’t want to scare him off, and he didn’t come to me when I tried to coax him, so. I left him alone. I did notice that he had what looked like the start of upper respiratory so I decided to put food out with some antibiotics mixed in over the next week or so for him in the spot I saw him. He slowly got better and turned out he wasn’t a feral, he was just afraid. And slowly I was able to earn his trust. It was obvious over time that he was not fixed because he started everything so I got him to the vet. They told me he was about eight years 8 to 10 years old and that he was probably an old street cat. He had scars all over his ears from all the fights he had been in. I got him neutered and his vaccines and told him, “as long as you want to stay, you can stay.” He turned out to be a really nice cat after being neutered, he never marked again but he’s name stayed with him, Marky Mark, and basically the backyard was his and another stray cat that we had here, RC, and they became very good friends. He always greeted anybody that came into the yard, and even knew which dogs were suppose to there and which ones were not. The ones that were not were let know, in a not so subtle way by Marky Mark that this was his backyard and they were not welcome. Marky had a unique and wonderful personality that he shared with us for about five years right up until he passed over the rainbow bridge. He was a special guy, and we miss him very much. We love you Marky

A donation was made in Marky Mark's memory and the memorial was created on February 9, 2017.

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