LuCie (aka Grand PooBah / Poo)

April 2002 – 23 August 2017

We met our Maine Coon kitten LuCie at the Oregon Humane Society who was sitting quietly looking scared and lost while a dozen rambunctious kittens whizzed past her … our hearts were caught. After a few weeks at home her real personality became more apparent and we realized she was not scared and lost – she was probably just taking a break from the melee! She was an active and energetic kitten and cat. LuCie fit in well with our other two female cats Tosha and Charly playing and at time snoozing together. She could be very independent (what cat can’t) but she liked to be around her human family.
At age 6 months LuCie developed feline parvo after a failed immunization. Lombard Animal Hospital immediately diagnosed the illness and made arrangements for her to go to Dove Lewis. Most cats do no survive this illness at such an early age. But the fantastic doctors and staff prevailed and we brought our very tough girl home where her health returned and she continued to grow and thrive.

LuCie grew into her Maine Coon size and beautiful markings –long hair, tufted ears, fur on the bottoms of her feet, flowing white bib and a world class fluffy tail she flew like a flag. She loved sitting in laps and would often try to groom our hair if she was perched on the top of a recliner or sofa. She could be demanding with a soft paw on your arm and a more forceful with a harder pat if needed and a small nip if all else failed. Mornings were often celebrated with her paw on your nose asking to be fed. She loved her cat nip in an old sock biting, kicking and licking the sock. She loved daily bushing but it was important to remember touching her white furred tummy or large wife paws was grounds for a hard nip.

After her sisters Charly, Tosha and Gracie (who came to us much later) passed we realized Lucie was depressed and missing them. So in 2013 we again went to the Oregon Humane Society and found not a sister but a little black and white short hair kitten brother – Mickey. He was just what she needed. They became great friends and playmates – and what little brother isn’t an irritant now and then!

A move to a new house two years ago with a vastly larger backyard gave LuCie and Mickey a rich new playground to flat out run, jump, hide, snooze, chase insects and chase squirrels out of the yard giving LuCie three wonderful summers. As an older cat she liked quiet time snoozing under the weeping spruce or soaking up sun under the banana tree.

LuCie was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease in the spring of 2016 and a biopsy revealed a slow colon cancer. With chemo treatments and other palliative care she celebrated her 15th birthday in April of 2017. She fought it but gradually was losing ground and passed peacefully August 23, 2017 and has gone to be with her sisters. Mickey misses her and we do too but with much love for a life we were allowed to share.

A donation was made in LuCie (aka Grand PooBah / Poo)'s memory and the memorial was created on October 10, 2017.

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