Louie was a talented human trainer. Over the years he conditioned his mom to keep a mug of water at her bedside and tilt it just so to the left for his sipping convenience. He ran a tight ship, strictly enforcing the household bedtime and wake-up schedule, with meticulously slated treat times.

Louie lived his life as an enigma; a boy who loved to be held, but hated being picked up, a pup who smothered his mom with kisses but refused any in return. Both a fearsome squirrel chaser yet afraid of extra crunchy leaves. A dog who optimistically believed that he could convince just about anyone to share their food, and was often right. Louie’s blond curls were the envy of many, including his mom. He had the sweetest freckle on his mushroom-brown nose, and eyes that could impressively look in 3 directions at once, earning him the moniker “Lazy-eyed Lou”.

He was a fierce napper and despite his small stature, echoed his snores throughout the entire room. If you were lucky, he’d grace you with the honor of a sleepy cuddle, transforming into a curly, cuddly, croissant. Without fail, with every nap time rousing, Louie would emit the strongest corn chip smell you’d think he just got back from his shift at the Frito factory. Only a select few would be able to get close enough for a whiff.

A small boy with the biggest personality, he has left a permanent impact on his family and all the animals (and their humans) he encountered on a daily basis. We will think of him always.

A donation was made in Louie's memory and the memorial was created on January 30, 2022.

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