I adopted Linda June 2010. She was part of a rescue effort conducted by the Humane Society March 2009. Linda was rescued among 200 other dogs from a Burns Oregon breeder.

Linda (known as one of the Burns dogs) was cared for by Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon and was extremely frightened and had a fear of being approached. Attempts were made to try and reduce her fears and anxiety. She was about to be deemed unadoptable. At that time in 2009 I had adopted Tucker, a Golden Bond rescue in 2008. I was out of town for two months and Tucker was boarded at the same location that Linda was being cared for. Linda and Tucker bonded immediately. A friend and a volunteer at the Golden Bond rescue stated that maybe if I adopted Linda it could be easier for her to bond with me living with Tucker. When Linda arrived at my home she was extremely freighted and when approached would run or realized there was nowhere to go would curl up on her side frozen with fear. I decided not to approach her until she had been in my home for a period of time. She continued to play and interact with Tucker.

Six months had passed and one evening while watching TV, not seeing Linda approach me, I felt a lick on the back of my hand. I looked down and it was Linda. I believed it was an invitation into her life. I slowly raised my hand to gently pet her on her head. She squinted her eyes and lowered her head seeming waiting to be hit. I gently petted her and she looked at me, her eyes indicating that she has given me her trust and had accepted me. From that day on I could approach and interact with her.

It was a slow progression for Linda letting me becoming a regular part of her life. Having a dog like her requires patience. I believe a big part of her acceptance of me was her observing my interaction with Tucker. She would observe me playing and petting Tucker without him showing fear or pain. Tucker and I would play together and one day she joined in which made me very happy. I committed not to give up on Linda and the result was sharing my life with a really great dog. I will always miss Linda and was so fortunate to have her in my life.

I want thank Milner Veterinary Hospital, especially Dr. Alex, for their kind and compassionate care and donation.

A donation was made in Linda's memory and the memorial was created on November 5, 2019.

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