On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, we sadly said goodbye to a most brilliant friend, comedian, athlete and family member, Miss Lily Keyser, also affectionately known as Lil Bones Malone, Waddles, Little Girl, Lily Pants from France, ad ininitum…

Lily showed me a great deal in life; how to take care of someone, how to trust, how to be ok with the little things and address the big things head-on. She brought me into a full life, she was there when I met the love of my life, and she bestowed on me some cherished memories of life that I will forever carry in my heart.

It’s hard to reconstruct all the time spent together, even more so to try to capture it here, but my heart is a full of her highlight reel and I’ll always have with me the image of her smile in the snow, the way she tilted her head into a Spring wind, the way she’d run like a greyhound at the dog park, the way she’d lay her head on Jeff’s arm to rest, her gentle (and sometimes not so delicate) snoring, her stinky little breath…

Lily, the love and joy you gave to both Jeff and I was more than worth the vet visits; the anguish over your poor little tummy at times, the crazy skin conditions you’d come up with, the earaches, the foot scrapes. You brought so much meaning, depth, happiness, nuttiness, humor, wonder and peace to our home, and you are so missed every day. I wish I could snuggle into your fur, smell your Frito paws and honk your little shnozz again, but in absence of being able to do that, please know you have my love forever and ever and that I will always keep you near me in my thoughts. You truly were a friend beyond measure.

A donation was made in Lily's memory and the memorial was created on March 20, 2018.

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