Her name was Lily Kelani Ohana Pua (Family flower) and she was born July 29, 2008. Her Dad’s name was King Bubba and her Mom was named Sugar Baby. Despite the fact that at her peak, she weighed 60 pounds, she spent her first few days in an incubator.

While living on five acres for the first half of her life, she never ventured far from the house. If we were working an acre away, she would come to the edge of the lawn, check that we were still there, and then go back to the garage. She was afraid of wide-open spaces, big skies, and the beach.

The first time that the neighbor dog got loose and came over to our property; Lily started screaming and charged for the house. If a stranger got between her and the house, she panicked. She didn’t like men who carried any kind of tool, broom, or implement. She loved women….the boarder, groomer, trainer, and me.

She took great joy in racing down the hallway trying to knock over my husband, loved to “hump” him, and took extra delight in beating up our other dog, Boo! There would be so much snarling and growling and mayhem but after pulling them apart, both were unscathed. I was never sure how Lily with her massive jaw never injured our little Shih Tzu.

When Lily arrived to live with us, Boo! had a laundry basket of toys. A month or two later, Boo! had no toys. Lily never met a dog toy that she could not destroy no matter how indestructible the tag said. Her jaws were massive. Boo! is happy now as she has some toys again.

Bulldogs snot, shed immensely, are bowlegged, lazy, and uppity. Even though I looked forward to the day when I could wear black again or not vacuum for ten minutes and clog the vacuum with her hair, I miss her so much. There was no stranger who met her who did not stop and swoon over her. There was no family member who knew her well, who didn’t think her a nuisance and reprehensible. She was a paradox… either loved her or hated her. We loved her and will always miss her.

One day, before I noticed, she lost her spunk. Forever, I shall regret that there was nothing that I could have done to save her. RIP: January 16, 2018

A donation was made in Lily's memory and the memorial was created on May 12, 2020.

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