The origins of Licorice…. When I was a freshman in high school my brother was a senior. His girlfriend at the time lived with me and my family. We drove to her mom’s house to collect some clothes and things she needed while staying with us. When we arrived I noticed a group of kittens running around inside the house. Specifically, them running into a glass door on a TV stand. As we got ready to leave, I noticed one loan kitten on a cat tree outside the front door on the porch. She was so sweet and didn’t mind being away from the others. So I did what any 14 year old girl would do. I took her, tucked her in my jacket and got back into the car ready to head home. We were about half way home when out of no where came a meow from my jacket. My brother pulled the car over and asked what that sound was. I said I didn’t hear anything, but then there was a second meow from my jacket. He said “Kelsy you better not have taken a kitten. We are taking it back right now. That isn’t yours to keep.” My brothers girlfriend said “Randy, it’s okay my mom won’t even notice it’s gone.” And just like that I had my very first pet. A pet I could call all mine. 17 years of ups and downs medically, but always coming out on top. She was and will always be my first pet and I can never thank her enough for giving me the opportunity to be her mama. I love you Licorice.

A donation was made in Licorice's memory and the memorial was created on January 14, 2022.

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