With great sadness we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog LaRoux (July 1, 2019). She was over 14 years old and despite all of her medical and age related issues; she wanted to play ball, give kisses and try to crawl in my lap (a physical impossibility for 13 years now) up until her last day. Her last weekend she at pork chops, had a whole ribeye steak, Fritos, about 50X the amount of treats she normally got, played ball until she was done playing ball and even got a visit from her best pal Paul. (To know Paul, is to have a dog that loves Paul). I wanted to mention a few of our favorite things about this wonderful dog.

1. She had some great nicknames: Puppy Jo, Stinky LaRoux, The pooches with the smooches, Roo!, Poggle the Lesser, Quasidoggo (as those tumors got pretty big the last year+) and when she was in trouble “LaRoux Aloysius Walker!”

2. Her first day with us, I rolled a tennis ball for her – and she fetched it right back to me. I’d never had a dog that liked to play fetch, she never wanted to stop.

3. She would take direction during fetch – left or right when I used the big ChuckIt.

4. She would fetch other dog’s balls and toys. Usually the other dogs didn’t care, but owners would get snippy. I thought it was funny. Just proved she was the best dog.

5. LaRoux pooped on command. Ok, so she did learn to go to the bathroom on command in her designated area and I would tell people she would do so. I’d say “Go Potty!” Which ever one she went I would follow up with “Go Big or Little potty” which would freak people out but it was a little bit of a trick. Fun at parties. ?

6. Whenever the kitchen timer went off she would get up to go outside; she learned this when I was checking the BBQ and throw her the ball.

7. She was a sucker for a treat. Even 1 piece of kibble, she would climb into the bathtub for it. Literally would do anything for a treat.

8. She loved stuffed animals. At one point she had 8 or 9 of them and could pick them out by name and bring them to us. But she loved the hedgehog best from puppy days through her whole life. Nursing on it after meals and when she wanted to sleep. Her “baby”.

9. She was an escape artist. Early on we figured out she was an inside dog when we weren’t home. She first dug under the fence. When we blocked that, she rammed the fence until the plank fell. When we fixed that she learned how to climb a chain link fence by pressing her body against the house and climbing over it. Someone always brought her back or we found her happily in the main yard with the entire irrigation system chewed into ½ inch pieces in 1 nice pile. Just 2 months ago she went on a little adventure down the street, when some teenagers found her they asked “Where do you live old dog?” and she walked them back to our porch.

10. I will still tell the story when she was 6 months old and we picked her up from a kennel where she (unknown to us) got colitis. Let’s just say I smelled her from 2 floors up and it was if someone painted her and the inside of her crate with an inch of poop. The 2 ½ hours to clean her, the tub, the house and myself is a tale to tell.

I could easily make this a list of 100 things we loved about LaRoux. She was a wonderful dog and loved our family and everyone she met. We will miss her so, so much.

A donation was made in LaRoux's memory and the memorial was created on August 2, 2019.

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